How To Capture Massive Lead Generation Through Video While Everyone’s Online

With the world’s attention drawn to online platforms at an unprecedented rate, now is a critical time to optimize your video content strategy for lead generation. John Paduchak will share best practices for live streaming and webinar hosting to attract SMB and enterprise prospects.


John Paduchak has over 20 years experience in strategic social media live video and webinar marketing. With omni-channel expertise in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, John advises large enterprises and SMBs on building vast online audiences through streaming, online summit, and virtual event services.


  • Be concise – your audience will only remember 10% of your presentation.
  • Think about what your audience wants and work backwards to your message.
  • When deciding on the length of the webinar think about how long it will take for you to go on the customer journey.
  • Even for B2B: don’t discount Youtube – think of it as a second search engine.
  • It’s currently hard to get approved for LinkedIn Live (eventually they’ll open it up). In the meantime, publish and upload more videos to LinkedIn. They’re more likely to approve your account if they can see your video content up front.
  • Start with creating short snippets of live videos to first gauge audience interest. 4-5 minute videos can be super informative and much easier for your audience to digest compared to a 45 minute full webinar.
  • Check out your analytics: How many people are watching? Which topics draw an audience? Base future webinars and quick snippet videos off of this feedback. Right now, everything is unpredictable so metrics won’t provide a ton of clarity and insight given the current climate.
  • Don’t worry too much about early drop-offs. You need to keep in mind that everyone is multi-tasking and distracted right now.
  • and are the best platforms for libraries, and do a great job with multi platform streaming.

Thank you John for taking time out of your day to share your expertise with the greater Venture Lane community!

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