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In-Person Community

At Venture Lane, there's something for everyone; mentors, investors, founders, and operators. Whether you are looking for a landing pad when you're in town, or a home to work most days of the week. There is no shortage of valuable connections to make with 200+ members and over 55 coworking companies under our roof building the future of B2B tech.

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Events & Programming

Get to know the Venture Lane community by joining us for monthly Blue Hours, mentor-specific events, and ad-hoc happenings. Make sure you're on our list and getting the invites by signing up for our newsletter and whatever else speaks to you.

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Digital Community

2,500+ mentors, investors, founders, and operators in B2B tech in the same virtual room. Venture Lane' Connex' Slack is your safe space to ask questions, find support, and even take advantage of over 50 Venture Lane perks with service providers such as AWS, Hubspot, and more.

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