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Highlights of our Journey

Entrepreneur-led and startup veteran-powered

Venture Lane is reshaping the B2B tech scene. Fueled by passion, our team is dedicated to backing high-growth ventures. With experience spanning 2,000+ startups, numerous IPOs, and 10 assisted exits, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Welcome to Venture Lane, where impact, support, and innovation meet.

Situated in the heart of Boston's startup ecosystem

Our coworking space, established in February of 2019, is exclusively dedicated to early-stage B2B tech startups. We are surrounded by talent from renowned universities like Harvard and MIT and amidst over 4,000 startups in the city. As one of the top 3 venture capital funding destinations, Boston serves as the ideal home for Venture Lane. Whether against the cityscape or by the iconic VL fireplace, our space embodies the collaborative spirit that fuels success in Boston's dynamic B2B tech landscape.

Distinctive and collaborative B2B tech community

Venture Lane began with a simple idea: building a lively community for B2B tech entrepreneurs to connect. Now, with over 2,500 Slack members and insights shared by industry leaders like WHOOP, Toast, CarGurus, and LinkSquares, we've evolved into a dynamic hub. We organize a variety of engaging in-person events, offer support through 500+ workshops, and tap in to our mentor community and expertise in go-to-market, fundraising, sales, and operations. With 20,000+ global connections, Venture Lane thrives on limitless collaboration.

Traction: the #1 indicator of startup success Studio

In the realm of high-growth B2B tech, our accelerator program, rooted in a founders-first philosophy, has been a drive force since the inception of our grand vision in 2022. Bi-annually, we curate cohorts of 3 to 6 companies, investing up to $100K in each, embodying our commitment to propelling innovation and success based on the thesis that traction os the #1 indicator of success. Our bespoke traction studio is led by our team of seasoned experts versed in various business facets. It's not just a program, it's a commitment - a partnership where our executive team and robust mentor network invest countless hours collaborating closely with founders, resulting in an exceptional NPS score of 100.

Welcome to Venture Lane

We're committed to supporting and nurturing early-stage B2B tech startups through our executive team's knowledge and vast network of resources, guidance, and mentorship. We aim to help startups achieve sustainable growth and success in their respective industries.

Meet the Venture Lane Team

Christian Magel

Founder, Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Christian Magel is an international startup veteran, coach and advisor, business angel and expert on go-to-market strategies as well as startup strategy and foundation.

Jeffrey Beir

General Partner, Multi-Time Co-Founder, & Venture Investor

Jeffrey is a successful entrepreneur, CEO and investor. A strong mentor who strikes the right balance with teams, Jeffrey brings a breadth of experience - strategy, product, go-to-market, capital raising and mentorship to help teams navigate the early days and focus on the right things.

Kristina Gomez

General Manager, Community Organizer, Change Agent

Kristina Gomez is an expert in organizational change with a history of driving significant transformations. With a knack for bringing people together, she’s a community-driven force in Boston’s startup scenes.

Emma Carey

Marketing and Operations Manager

Emma has a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, she excels in navigating the dynamic landscape of startup marketing. As Marketing and Operations Manager at Venture Lane, Emma consistently drives growth and innovation with her expertise in crafting effective marketing strategies.

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