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We believe that sales and traction are the #1 indicators for startup success.

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About The Studio

Venture Lane Studio specializes in guiding B2B Tech startups to tangible traction and repeatable success. We transform promising early stage B2B software companies into growth stage ventures through our bespoke 12 week program, coupled with an investment of up to $100K. Leveraging proven methodologies from seasoned entrepreneurs and a robust support network of peers and mentors, we pave the path to success.

We believe the best indicator of startup success is real progress best shown through revenue, customer acquisition, or successful trials. Establishing a well-organized structure and adopting a strategic approach to fundraising are pivotal for success. Explore our journey and discover why we’re recognized as New England’s premier B2B tech traction Studio.

Three main things to expect from our traction studio

Welcome to Venture Lane Studio, where impact, support, and innovation meet

Go-to-Market Success
  • Identify acute customer pain
  • Solidify target market and beachhead
  • Define customer personas and messaging
  • Produce top-of-funnel growth
  • Create repeatable & scalable sales process & materials
Efficient operating systems
  • Recognize priorities according to company stage
  • Implement metric & result driven company operations system
  • Set up the foundation for a scalable organization and team
  • Establish a structure for effective leadership, talent, and financial transparency
  • Develop the right fundraising strategy
  • Pinpoint best fit investors
  • Craft a comprehensive and compelling investor narrative

What some of our founders had to say

We asked founders some questions about their experience at Venture Lane Studio and here's what they shared.

I started understanding, perhaps demystifying, the sales process in the B2B setup. We were able to understand the exact steps we had to take to hit specific milestones and achieve goals.

Carlos Sierra
Founder and CEO of Twnel

From the very beginning, we got set up for success by having the right people in the right seats, the structure, and the values working in one operating system.

Angela Castillo Llinas
Co-Founder of HelloGuru

VLS has far exceeded my expectations and the return-on-effort is extraordinary. We're more energized than ever, and that's entirely due to the focus, clarity, and new skills we're getting from the program.

Dan Zollman
Founder and CEO of Qase

Refining our sales process and the way we’re tracking progress within the company itself. The OKR process was also really helpful in getting the whole team aligned.

Brendan Guerin
Co-Founder and CEO of Prism Bio

Studio Spotlights

Just a few of our founders' impacts and stories during their time in the Venture Lane Studio program.

Program Structure

Venture Lane Studio kicks off our bespoke 12 week program twice a year

Program Onboarding
2 Weeks
Workshops & Diagnostics

The program begins with a 2-week onboarding period held at our Venture Lane Studio headquarters in Boston, MA. Each day will be filled with hands-on workshops designed to uncover insights and needs surrounding current and future go-to-market strategy, org structure, operating systems, financial aspects, and product roadmap.


• Attend daily robust working sessions for GTM, financials, organization, and product at our Boston, MA headquarters
• 1:1 time with team executives
• Lead mentor assignment
• OKR and pipeline set-up and tracking

Sprint #1
6 Weeks
Sprint #1 Objectives

We collaborate with the founding team to turn your insights into actions by breaking down priorities into a series of measurable objectives and projects for Sprint #1. Regular cadences with the Venture Lane team and Lead Mentors are designed to accelerate progress and address blockers against set objectives.


• 2x weekly OKR check-in sessions
• Weekly 1:1 time with executive team
• Weekly pipeline review with lead mentors
• 2x weekly curated workshops
• Tactical mentor and investor introductions

Sprint #2
6 Weeks
Sprint #2 Objectives

You've set your sights on the finish line and defined what you need to accomplish in the last 6 weeks of the program. To get there, you actively engage with the Venture Lane team and community through structured programming and tactical intros to reach objectives in sales, fundraising, product, and org.


• 2x weekly OKR check-in sessions
• Weekly 1:1 time with executive team
• Weekly pipeline review with lead mentors
• 2x weekly curated workshops
• Structured mentor and investor relations

Post Program
6+ Months
Ongoing Support

As a VLS graduate, your achievements will propel you into the next stage as a growth stage startup. Post-program, we will continue to be available to you as well as support you through ongoing founder circles, check-ins with the Venture Lane team, and dedicated sessions with your lead mentor, ensuring continued success.

Lasting Success

• Weekly pipeline review meetings with your lead mentor for 6+ months
• Integration into Venture Lane community and optional coworking
• Ad-hoc sessions with Venture Lane team executives
• Invitation to join post-program cadences

Applicant Checklist

Four key areas to determine fit with our program

Driven Founders

We are looking for founders that have the drive and resilience to succeed. Aptitude, knowledge, skills and experience are important, but nothing tops integrity, a great attitude, and optimism for solving hard problems and attracting great people.

A B2B Tech Company

Our sole focus is early stage B2B software companies that solve a big and important problem for their customers in a large market. You must be incorporated as a Delaware C-corp.

A Thought Out Go-to-Market

Ideally you’ve already found your first real/beta customers to prove that your product solves a customer pain. Your experience with clients will help fine-tune the sales process faster and with more accuracy. We focus on products that sell to private markets.

A Ready Product

You built your MVP or product so that customers can test or buy it. We are foremost traction specialists with a focal point of gaining customers – less on building your service or platform.

Sounds like you? Applications are currently closed, but let's get in touch for our next cohort.

Leaders & Mentors Spotlight

A few of our leaders and mentors who provide guidance, support, and expertise throughout the duration of the program.

Christian Magel
Founder and Managing PartnerPartner
Co-Founded companies with more than $600M combined revenue
2 IPOs & 1 acquisition with prior companies
Key Expertise:
Scaling companies from $0 to $100N in revenue, Company Operating System, & Fundraising
Jeffrey Beir
General PartnerPartner
Multi-Time Co-Founder, CEO, & Venture Investor
IPO & 3 M&A exits
Key Expertise:
Product, Growth, & Capital
Brian Denenberg
Sales Advisor, Mentor, & InvestorMentor
6-Time Founder, 25+ years of senior sales experience
Executive at companies that were acquired by Thomson Reuters, Hewlett Packard, Business Week, Quadient, & Yellow Media. Founder creator of the Agile Sales Method ™
Key Expertise:
GTM strategy, Sales, Growing Revenues from $0M to $5M
Mike Schumann
Founder, Principal, Fractional CRO, & InvestorMentor
Over $2B in valuations & enabled multiple acquisitions
Track achieving revenue goals & establishing repeatable, scalable, & predictable revenue engines
Key Expertise:
GTM Strategy & Execution, Accelerating Revenue Generation
Mark Maragni
Serial Business Builder, Sales Mentor, & Angel InvestorMentor
Grew multiple companies to $20M+, building beachheads from scratch
Multi-million dollar exit, built one of the fastest selling products in the world
Key Expertise:
Sales Operations, GTM strategy

Some of our mentors

A few of our active leaders and mentors from our community we’d like to introduce you to.

David Donlan
Enterprise Sales Leader
Kate Morgan
Founder & CEO
Raghav Gupta
Board Member & Advisor
Simon Campbell
Founder & Serial Entrepreneur
Melissa Withers
Experienced Investor
William Lehmann
Igor Belagorudsky
Carrie Walecka
Talent Mentor
Alex Brown
Founder & Partner
Barry Coffman
Board Member
Jean Hammond
General Partner
Jan Kautz
Kathy Pattison
Growth Advisor
Shah Carson
B2B Technology Marketer
Stephan Smith
Shruti Sharma
Customer Success Expert
Sean Stone
Advisor & Investor
Katie Cella
Chief Growth Officer & Strategist
Tatiana Yglesias Ulloa
Board Member & Startup Mentor
Katie Hemphill
Evan Welch
Partner & CIO
Donny Askin
CEO & Investor
Phil Mcmannis
Co-Founder & CEO
Shoeb Mogal
Co-Founder & Investor
Matthew Bellows
Co-Founder & Investor

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