Venture Lane Announces Launch of Startup Studio, an Anti-Large Scale Accelerator Program focused on Go-To-Market

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Emma Carey
Venture Lane Announces Launch of Startup Studio, an Anti-Large Scale Accelerator Program focused on Go-To-Market
April 3 2024

Boston – Jan 20, 2022 – Venture Lane, Boston’s leading startup hub for B2B software founded in 2018, announces the launch of Venture Lane Studio. The Atudio is a bespoke traction accelerator that works with cohorts of 3-4 early stage B2B software startups over a period of 4.5 months to help founders build repeatable and scalable sales engines and make significant headway on their go-to-market. Venture Lane is joined by Silicon Vally Bank, Gunderson Dettmer LLP, and Vouch Insurance in bringing this new accelerator offering to the Boston startup ecosystem.

With many accelerators in the industry trending towards larger cohort sizes, shorter program calendars, and an overly acute focus on fundraising preparation, Venture Lane sees meaningful impact on accelerator companies diminishing at a concerning rate.

Christian Magel, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Venture Lane Studio, said: “After having established Venture Lane as Boston’s leading Startup Hub, we were looking to create real, sustainable impact for early-stage startups and a real alternative to programs that ‘scale’ into pure investment vehicles. We believe the number one indicator of startup success is not the best pitch deck, but traction and sustainable sales. We are building on the already strong foundations of Venture Lane Startup Hub with its 40+ resident companies, 150+ mentors, and a virtual community of over 1,100+ founders, specialists, and investors.”

In addition to helping startups make big strides towards their traction goals and prove out their go-to-market, the Venture Lane Studio program is designed to help founders implement a hyper results driven operating system across their entire organization and execute a successful fundraising campaign to fuel their next phase of growth.

Contrary to many accelerators in the industry, Venture Lane is taking a bespoke approach to supporting startups in its Studio. With smaller cohort sizes, participating founders can expect ample one-on-one time and individualized support from the Venture Lane team and their extensive mentor network plus programming tailored to the needs of each company rather than one-size-fits-all curriculum.

“Creating a repeatable and scalable sales engine is an iterative process,” said Studio Co-Founder and Managing Partner Brian Denenberg. “We’re rolling up our sleeves and spending the necessary time with each founder to go end-to-end on customer pain, personas, messaging, channels, sales strategy, and sales hiring. If we get those things right, the other dominoes will fall with fundraising and scaling the team and product.”

Venture Lane Studio is also embracing a hybrid approach to its Studio programming. While startups are encouraged to move into the Venture Lane workspace at no cost for the full duration of the program, the majority of sessions and office hours can be attended virtually with just a few required weeks in person. At the end of the 4.5 months, startups are also granted access to a robust platform of post program support – another differentiator Venture Lane believes sets it apart from other accelerators with an abrupt end date and cliff.

Applications are now open for Venture Lane Studio’s spring cohort, which begins March 1st 2022. Early stage B2B software startups interested in joining can find more information and apply by Feb 7th, 2022 at: Please review criteria below before submitting an application.

Criteria for startups applying to Venture Lane Studio:

1. Pre-seed and seed stage B2B software startups

2. Launched MVP or first version of product

3. Ideally first customers and revenue

About Venture Lane:

Venture Lane is Boston’s premier startup hub for B2B software with a traction accelerator, curated co-working space, and vast virtual network.

Venture Lane | Studio… Traction accelerator transforming B2B software startups into growth stage ventures with repeatable and scalable sales engines.

Venture Lane | Space… State of the art co-working space for a curated community of 40+ B2B software startups in the heart of Downtown Boston.

Venture Lane | Connex… Boston’s highest quality network in early stage B2B software with 1,100+ founders, mentors, and investors connecting in Slack and through our weekly programming and social events.

Media Contact:
Emma Carey, Marketing & Operations Manger at Venture Lane

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