22 Must-Haves for B2B Websites

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22 Must-Haves for B2B Websites
April 25 2024

To Get more Eyes to your website, Give them the right Knowledge to drive conversions and Grow your Pipeline

Your B2B website must attract the right people, capture their attention, nurture leads, and convert visitors into new sales opportunities and customers. This eBook guide cuts through the confusion about B2B website design and provides you with 22 crystal-clear must-haves for B2B website success.

At the end of this eBook, you’ll walk away with:

• Actionable advice
• A usable website design checklist
• And a B2B website vendor scoring template to assist in your decision-making

• Chapter 1: Increase Trust & Conversion: The Power of Design and Navigation
• Chapter 2: Content that Converts: Speak Their Language to Accelerate Their Journey
• Chapter 3: Capture Attention, Drive Action
• Chapter 4: Continuously Optimize with Data-Driven Insights
• Chapter 5: Future-Proof Your Platform & Drive Long-term Growth

Bonus Items:
• Bonus: 22 Must-Haves Checklist
• Bonus: B2B Website Vendor Scoring Template

Access the eBook from GoingClear here

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