Automating Sales While Your Team is Spread Thin

Doing more with less is a necessity in the current climate. David Donlan and Mary Rogul will give their playbook for automating sales processes to fight back against revenue headwinds.


David Donlan serves as the CRO for Zoovu, developing conversational marketing strategies that cater to the Mid-Market and Enterprise looking to increase their sales and top-line revenue growth. Previously, David helped launch, a competitive intelligence platform. As CRO, he helped grow the company from 4 beta customers to over 400. David was also a core member of the HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) start-up team in 2008. As employee number 20, he helped grow the company from 100 beta customers to more than 15,000.


Mary Rogul currently serves as Key Account Director at PathFactory. Mary is an enterprise sales and customer success expert with more than 15 years of experience selling, expanding and supporting strategic and complex accounts, and leading customers through a comprehensive sales process. Mary has previously held executive and director level roles at Progress, Mautic, and other high-growth technology companies.


  • The worst thing you can do for your customers is doing nothing.
  • Think about how you can help your customers’ customers.
  • Keeping open communication lines are key. Your customers are looking to you for guidance and clarity.
  • Practice empathy. Ask customers how they’re doing. How their company is doing. How remote life is working for them.
  • For automating sales, it’s important to change your messaging campaigns to resonate with the current climate. Create new templates, sound bites, and scripts with updated messaging (work closely with your marketing teams! And your product teams!). Equally important, make your your sales team is actually using those scripts.
  • Since automating sales cannot be fully optimized, choosing the right KPIs is key. Take a step back from measuring with financials and try prioritizing KPIs that put the customer first. Focus on the qualitative right now over the quantitative.
  • From a KPI perspective, focus on SQLs over leads. Additionally, focus on the acceleration of the sales stages and shortening the time period of each stage.
  • Schedule a call to show your customers their metrics: Where have they been thriving? Where do they need help? Make sure to have a conversation about their roadmap.
  • Gamification can be used to drive serious results. Who books the most meetings? Who drives the most ARR? Who has the quickest sales stages?

Thank you David & Mary for taking time out of your day to share your expertise with the greater Venture Lane community!

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