Crisis Impact Metrics & Growth Tips from 200+ Boston Startups

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The Venture Lane
Crisis Impact Metrics & Growth Tips from 200+ Boston Startups
June 7 2020

Venture Lane has partnered with other leading startup organizations in Boston’s ecosystem (Bostinno, Underscore VC, Techstars Boston, First Republic Bank) to create the Recession Readiness Report for Boston Startups.

The purpose of this report is to educate Boston’s founders on how the current crisis has impacted the financial health of early-stage technology companies in the area and, most importantly, equip founders with peer strategies for reclaiming pre-crisis growth.

This report delivers key metrics and insights from 200+ Boston startups in the following categories:

  • Runway Health pertaining to current runway and new runway created.
  • Revenue Growth impact from the the first 60 days of the crisis.
  • Founder Strategies for winning new business, customer retention, and internal leadership in the current climate.

DOWNLOAD: The Recession Readiness Report 


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