Upgrade Your Product Marketing to Replace In-Person Sales

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Upgrade Your Product Marketing to Replace In-Person Sales
April 28 2020

For certain markets, the inability to conduct in-person sales in the current climate is a show stopper. Bryan Maleszyk, Co-Founder & CMO/CPO at Worthright, shared his playbook on upgrading product marketing materials to compensate for the lack of communication that arises in a fully virtual sales environment.


  • Think beyond “going virtual” and “going online.” Your competitors are already doing that and this is the time for startups to do what startups do best – be agile!
  • Recognize that your segment is going to change and certain segments may die. Go out and find new industries (even better, industries that are trending upwards). This is a time to think creatively about how you can provide value to industries who can win in this new environment.
  • If you can “show” the value you add with your product marketing materials instead of “telling” it, you’ll go far.
  • Focus on warm leads lower in the pipeline and warm recommendations in order to close sales.
  • Recognize that most companies are not used to using video all the time (unlike startups). Keep your video on all of the time – establish this as your norm. Don’t ask – just turn it on and you’ll increase the likelihood that your prospects will turn theirs on as well.
  • Utilize Dux-Soup to generate new business using LinkedIn.
  • Use account-based coalition marketing. This is super helpful when there’s multiple decision makers at an organization – crucial since employees are not communicating with their coworkers as often as beforehand (not the mention, smaller workforces). Use what you’re hearing from influencers in their organization to help the buyer(s) make key decisions.

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Thank you Bryan for taking the time to share your expertise with the great Venture Lane community!

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