We launched (again!)

Hello again, Boston!

The last several weeks for all of us at Venture Lane have been so memorable for so many reasons. First and foremost, we launched (technically again, after a very soft launch in December!). Our doors are now open, and our space has been a whirring hub of activity. Founders have moved in, connections have been made, and impact sessions have been held. Not to mention, we put on one rip-roaring launch party!

Thank you to our village

In all seriousness though, we would like to extend our biggest, most heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out to support us. We had such an incredible turnout (see photographs below for a look at how our night went)! As is always the case, it has taken a village to get this “startup for startups” up and running. So many friends and colleagues have rallied around our vision for creating the world’s best startup hub, and it was truly, truly special to have everyone together for one night to celebrate our shared success.

Let’s build our community

For all those who attended (and all those who were unable to attend but believe in our mission), we have one final call to action. If you know any outstanding founders building outstanding, early-stage technology companies, let us know about it!  

We are on the lookout for companies that fit the following criteria:

  • 1-15 employees
  • An existing, launched product
  • Aspirations for high growth
  • First round of funding accomplished
  • Large and attractive market segment
  • Guaranteed founder presence in the office
  • Software-powered solutions. Our background isn’t in hardware or life sciences, so we can’t make as big an impact in these verticals!

‘Give first’ mentality

Just as important as the companies themselves, we are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate, collaborative, and high-achieving to join our community. Venture Lane is much greater than the sum of its parts, because we all believe in a ‘give first’ mentality. We take it upon ourselves to create impact for one another, because we know our good will comes back around tenfold.  

If you know founders who fit this mold or happen to be one yourself, drop us a line!

Email us at contact@theventurelane.com or message Christian MagelRoss Palley, or Lauren Horton on LinkedIn.

Can’t wait to connect!

Ross Palley
General Manager, Venture Lane

Launch Party Photos

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