At Venture Lane Traction Studio we transform early stage B2B software companies with outstanding potential into growth stage ventures through a 4.5 months bespoke impact program, a proven methodology from experienced entrepreneurs, with world class mentor and a powerful entrepreneur peer network.


Traction is the leading indicator of success

We help companies:

  • Determine which companies need the solutions they offer
  • Identify the best people to speak to within those organizations
  • Solidify the right messaging to convey their value proposition
  • Create a systematic process for gaining traction


Fundraising needs a systematic approach

We help companies:

  • Pinpoint the best investors for their company
  • Craft a comprehensive, compelling investor pitch
  • Design a strategy for attracting and partnering with the best investors


Getting initial traction is about balancing scarce resources

We help companies:

  • Recognize priorities
  • Allocate time and resources to the top priorities 
  • Establish a repeatable system to both identify and manage priorities and resources day-to-day, week-to-week and quarter-to-quarter


Founders that have the maturity and drive to succeed.  They should be determined, but coachable.  Knowledge, skills and experience are important.  However, nothing tops a great attitude with the optimism they can solve hard problems, and attract great people.  

Great products don’t sell themselves.  We love companies that already have an early version of their product, and are trying to figure out the best way to sell it.  They should be currently getting or be ready to get market feedback.  

They should also believe true success comes when they can show traction and be determined to figure out the best route to market.