Impact driven programming
and events

Curated, collaborative-by-design
community of member companies

Extensive network of mentors, coaches, and strategic partners

Collaboration with other startups at similar stages of growth

additional benefits

  • Deep connections to the Boston startup ecosystem
  • Weekly member breakfast with updates and big wins on each member company
  • Highly personalized member experience and hospitality
  • Access to personalized planning and goal-setting sessions
  • Cutting edge space and amenities
  • Central location with highly accessible public transportation

Venture Lane - Coworking Space Boston | Startup Hub


  • Dedicated onsite support team
  • 24/7 building access
  • Unlimited, high-speed direct to fiber internet
  • Kitchen with unlimited coffee, espresso, and tea
  • Meeting rooms with latest conferencing technology
  • Unlimited use of private phone booths
  • Member lounge for informal meetings and company events

Who we are looking for

We are looking for early-stage, high-growth startups who follow
the following criteria:

  • Tech startup with an existing/launched product
  • Business is in high growth phase
  • First round of funding is accomplished
  • Guaranteed presence in the office

Our Spaces

Memberships starting at $550/month

Private Office

Private offices provide a quiet and lockable space for you and your team from 4 to 13.

Dedicated Desk

The dedicated desk membership gets you your own desk with a locker in the shared space in the location of your choice.

Member Testimonials

Hear From Our Members

“Space is not enough. As an educator, I know the value of total ecosystems in supporting entrepreneurs. Startups are like children – they need structure and guidance to grow. That’s something that CareAcademy has never had. Having an entire ecosystem dedicated to our success is a tremendous privilege.”
Helen AdeosunFounder & CEO, CareAcademy
Helen Adeosun
“Venture Lane is like the postdoc program after Techstars. It provides an operational and strategic point of view, which expands from the early phase of Meenta. It’s the logical progression for us to be focused on sales and operations vs thinking through the business model, customer journey, or our story..”
Gabor BethlendyFounder & CEO, Meenta
Gabor Bethlendy
“Venture Lane is by far the best startup hub I’ve worked from. On top of having access to a top notch office space in Downtown Boston with ‘boutique hotel’-like service, we are fortunate to work alongside like-minded people that are curated to make this environment a thriving community for tech entrepreneurs.”
Sylvain MansotteFounder & CEO, Whispli
Sylvain Mansotte
“We love being surrounded by different types of early-stage companies. It’s easy to get trapped in an bubble with your small team, and having other exciting startups around helps with expanding our zones of thinking and the frinedships that we form at work.”
Nell Meosky LuoCEO & CoFounder, Folia Health
Nell Meosky Luo
“Joining the Venture Lane community has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company. Tapping into its deep network of experts and resources has already helped us strategically and operationally.”
Michele Courton BrownCEO, Quality Interactions
Michele Courton Brown
“After graduating from Techstars, we wanted to continue being part of a supportive community that could provide us with crucial resources as we made our way towards a series A. At Venture Lane, we found this and much more! We truly feel part of a family of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping one another.”
Will FoussierCEO & CoFounder, Aceup
Will Foussier

Member Companies

provides online training that empowers caregivers to deliver the highest caliber of service and improve the lives of older adults. Their end-to-end, scalable training solution transforms businesses into efficient industry leaders.

careacademy site

delivers personalized executive coaching to connect employees at all levels with their full-potential, through a tech-enabled framework that makes it impactful, scalable, and measurable.

aceup site

helps healthcare facilities manage their medical equipment with software that tracks inventory of their devices, reduce the cost of equipment ownership, and predicts their next big equipment purchases.

uptimehealth site

is the only SaaS digital platform that integrates Web Content Management, eCommerce, Intranet & Marketing on one platform. Their software helps their clients become better organized with faster deployment and stronger security.

core dna site

is a data visualization software solutions with collaborative applications that is able to create storyboards out of sales, human resources, marketing, and financial data.

toucan toco site

is the leader in modeling and translating climate risk to the bottom line for municipal debt participants. This empowers investors to better manage portfolios and allows cities to identify cost-benefit effective climate adaptation opportunities.

risq site

provides a secure, safe, anonymous, and cost-effective whistleblower platform. Whispli assists companies to ensure their employees speak up to help identify risk and find blind spots.

whispli site

provides training to frontline healthcare providers to improve cultural competency which increases returns and healthier outcomes for all.

quality interactions site

Venture Lane - Coworking Space Boston | Startup Hub

helps investors, municipalities, companies, and government agencies gain quantitative insights into the physical space that they own, operate or leverage. 

level11 site

reduces workers compensation claims costs with software that streamlines communications and enables early interventions for faster return to work outcomes.

gain life site

uses years of research, mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence to build software that enhance the efficiency of mobility to enable affordable and sustainable transportation.

routable ai site

is a scientific equipment-sharing platform. We make it easy for biotechs and pharma to access all of the worlds scientific equipment and services on demand. Book from hundreds of instruments in just a few clicks.

meenta site

is a text-based social assistant to help you manage relationships and be more intentional with the people in your life. The company’s mission is to revive true human connection and create shared moments of joy with loved ones.

pluto site

helps brands and agencies advertise in a way that is more relevant to their consumers utilizing influencers, retailers, college students, and other partners.

relevize site

offers an array of tools for websites to grow traffic, engagement and monetization quickly. The integrated toolkit includes content analytics, social media sharing, content & product recommendations, and much more.

shareaholic site

is elevating doctors around the world to evaluate skin conditions at the level expert dermatologists using computer vision and artificial intelligence.

lumindx site

Who’s Hiring

Our member companies are growing, check out all open positions below to see who’s hiring.

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